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    2009 Yamaha FZR w/ C3-11 & R3 Reflash

    Regretfully, I'm selling this beautifully built 2009 FZR that I've owned for only a year. I purchased from Greenhulk member jtskier11 last year and have added approximately a dozen hours to the ski. Quality, condition and reliability are second to none. The original owner did an incredible job building a very fast recreational ski. There are only a few small scratches and/or light scrapes. If you blink, you'll miss them. Otherwise, ski is absolutely immaculate. Since owning the ski, I haven't touched a thing except adding a custom JetTrim seat cover. Clutch was replaced by original owner with the 2013 setup at 30 hours.

    GPS'd ski at 80.1 mph with low fuel, 70 degree water temps, and 75 degree air temps.

    Asking $8000 w/no trailer. Shorelander double trailer available for additional cost.


    R&D R3 Reflash with 8750 rev limit (low rev-limit for longevity sake)
    R&D C3-11 SC wheel
    R&D ride plate
    R&D sponsons
    R&D intake grate
    Riva intake
    Riva ribbon delete
    Riva thru-hull exhaust
    Riva intercooler
    Riva mirror
    Skat Swirl 15/23 pitched by "The Man" Tommy Jordan and Skat Twin-Prop
    Epoxy sealed transom voids and blended outer edge to hull
    2013 clutch and idler
    GPR 85mm nozzle (reverse still installed)
    Added 3" air vents behind cowls
    Dedicated bilge switch in glove box
    TTO tach in glove box
    Swapped to FZS seats and grab handle
    Yamaha decals on the hull
    Black/black JetTrim seat cover
    Double trailer available for additional cost
    Fire extinguisher, 2 Yamaha key-fobs, OEM lanyard, OEM Manual, OEM toolkit

    I also have all stock parts, which will be included with the sale. Higher quality pictures and video available!

    Pictures from original owner:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	YamahaFZR1.jpg 
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Name:	YamahaFZR2.jpg 
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Name:	YamahaFZR3.jpg 
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Name:	2007ShorelanderTrailer1.jpg 
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Name:	2007ShorelanderTrailer2.jpg 
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    Max speed

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    Quote Originally Posted by kool-bezo View Post
    Max speed
    I've GPS'd the ski at 80.1 mph in 70 degree water, 75 degree outside air temp, low fuel and the mods listed above. It's an incredibly fast and hard accelerating ski.

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    if you part out lmk

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcederna View Post
    if you part out lmk
    Thanks for your interest, but I'm hoping that I will not have to part her out. If I do, I will let you know!

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    where are you located

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdurrrence View Post
    where are you located

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdurrrence View Post
    where are you located
    Sorry for the late reply! I'm located just south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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    I should mention that I'm willing to travel if anyone out of state is interested in the ski.

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    How many hrs on the ski?

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