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    1200 Polaris engine mods / combinations

    Looking for some advice on building a modded 1200 engine.
    Even a good thread of one that worked well is good.
    Race fuel is fine with me... It's going in my 1200 Hurricane that I'm dead set on putting triple pipes in somehow. Just to bring everyone up to speed these are the components I have now which I could use or not use, be blunt and honest I have no feelings. LOL

    1200 stock crank rebuilt with all OE parts new, tried and welded
    stock case with no porting
    bored cylinders to 1.25mm over and forged / coated Wossner pistons
    trued stock heads now producing 150lbs compression
    stock intake
    stock 40mm carbs with accel pump / rebuilt with genuine kits including accel pump
    boysen carbon pro reeds on stock cages
    modified red pipe / so it would fit in hull not for performance
    hot seat waterbox
    stock CDI curve
    ocean pro arresters

    I have the following parts I could use for build
    Polaris Racing Heads which I believe to 11.5 to 1???
    One piece polaris head cover
    Polaris Racing intakes
    48mm Blackjack carbs
    going to get a black potted cdi recurved once I figure out what curve for the engine
    going to figure how to squeeze triple pipes in

    any help appreciated

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    Most people when modifying base their mods on fuel limitations. If you're willing to run straight race fuel then most people would:

    Trued and welded crank
    Lots O compression
    Some extra timing
    A nice race port set of cylinders
    Big carbs
    Triple Pipes

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