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    need opinions on value of 2011 GTI

    Ok, so I'm new here so take it easy on me if I need to post this elsewhere.

    I'm looking at a pair of 2011 GTI's, one 130 and the other a 155. Both have less than 80 hours and come with a tandem trailer. I know what Nada says and I realize that's only a guide but what is the realistic value of the two?

    Also, what are some common issues with this model and what do I need to really look at?

    Thanks guys!


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    welcome to the GH
    the only issue you may have will probably be the IBR system
    and there is not much you can do except maintenance and rinse off the salt
    there are plastic round slides the wear flat spots

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    the realistic value of anything is how much you are willing to pay for it.

    Nada and KBB are guides, not value books.

    I have a wake 2005 that is so clean and so gently ridden ( U have engine controller dumps to prove that) that I'm asking book value +20%

    the ski doesn't have a scratch and always

    Get the ski professionally inspected, see how the engines have been run and then look at the other skis you are considering and make a call.

    Things to look out for:


    things to check:
    engine starts
    no check engine lamp or maint lamp on
    bottom not tore up ( no raw fiberglass showing)
    steering moves like butter
    service records
    two keys for each ski

    Hint that you want them inspected at < fill in dealer or shop name>

    gauge the owners reaction with great care. After all, you are spending a sack o cash on these skis.

    If the seller balks, you walk.

    best way:

    get a test ride, even if you are a passenger.

    welcome to the hulk.

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    $6000 each. Send a PM to Tiny. Hes the Seadoo guru.

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    Thanks for the replies. I realize the buyer determines the real value with his pocketbook as I'm the first to preach that myself. The issue is I'm not familiar with these enough to determine the real value. I just don't want to make a purchase and decide in a year or so to sell but lose a ton of money because I overpaid. Thanks for understanding. The asking price for these two skis is $12k so CCW is on the money. If that is a reasonable price that's fine and my next thing to research is depreciation. Just trying to put a value for how much I will use them.

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