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    will this oil be ok to use

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    I live in a small country town an have a 99 seadoo gtx limited
    An this is the only oil that i can find that might be suitable for
    My 951 rotex engine .what your thoughts on this oil . I can drive
    An hour away to be bigger town that sells other oil but this is
    Closer to me any thoughts cheers

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    I won't see why not

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    951's are touchy to begin with.. I would not run ANYTHING but Sea-Doo oil in them.... Can they ship it to you instead of driving into town for it???

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    looks good for a pinch situation, I wouldn't want to run the engine under heavy load for extended periods until the nature of the oil is revealed.

    Clean the raves shiny, then run it for a while then pull the rave valves to have a look. Low ash oil leaves fewer deposits

    It's synthetic and mentions I'd say give it a go if the real stuff isn't easily obtainable.

    Shipping oil is expensive..So are engines

    Penrite appears to be a major player, having been around since 1926, I'd give it a thumbs up in your specific market.

    Of course Seadoo synethetic would be a better choice if logistics were not an issue.

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    Only two problems I see with that oil:
    * It's only semi-synthetic
    * Designed to be used as a pre-mix (thicker viscosity)

    Because of the rave valves, you really want full synthetic (100% ashless) and if you have stock oil injection, you want a thinner oil like the seadoo oil is.

    I removed the oil injection on my 951 and ran 50:1 pre-mix. I never used SeaDoo oil in it and ran everything from Penzoil, Maxima 927, Klotz. My rave valves and rings were always really clean. I used about 10-12 gallons (40L-50L) per year and never had problems.

    Penrite also makes full synthetic = MC-2ST (but make sure its same viscosity as oem oil).

    ps. This small remote "country town" sounds nice. Where?

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    Thanks for all that information i think i may give it ago until head to the next town hopefully it wont hurt i gave it a try today an seemed alright a tad spokey compared to the yamalube the prevoius owner gave me witch is all gone now so maybe might be worth getting something a bit more suited if its going to be a bit smokey . I live in austrslia in a small town called warwick

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    That oil has the highest rating a low ash 2 stroke oil can have, I would use it with confidence. Its better than 90% of the other oils on the market

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    Ok well maybe it might be slright nobody has said anything real about it yet so i might just go with it . Atleast being a little smokey i no its getting oil to it . Its not overly smokey just a tad on take of

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    Hey mate fellow ozzy here and 951 owner. I use a brand called quicksilver as do most around my area. Cheaper than BRP and just as good we all run premix however.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wannaski View Post
    Hey mate fellow ozzy here and 951 owner. I use a brand called quicksilver as do most around my area. Cheaper than BRP and just as good we all run premix however.
    is that the stuff they sell at bcf

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