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    08 RXT blown supercharger

    08 RXT blown supercharger
    A buddy just bought an 08 RXT with 80 hrs, rode it for about 2 hrs then both the bearings and wheel detonated. Pulled the SC, scavenger pump and oil filter. Small amounts of debris in scavenger filter and metal flacks in the oil filter. Don't have the tools to pull the PTO screen out. My question is does the oil flow from the SC to the scavenger pump to the oil filter then to the engine...crank bearings etc thereby not hurting the bearings? I want him to take it to the dealer to check the PTO screen, but if the engines pooched its not worth it. Both bearing went and the outer races and the race seals. The pressed on part of the bearings are on the shaft. I feel bad for the guy as he just bought it. Any educated help would be appreciated. Thanx

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    Was the SC original?

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