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    Steering nozzle and grate questions.

    I have a 00 gp1200r and 99 gp800. They both have the plastic steering nozzles and I would like to change them out. I read back that it was said a sho nozzle will fit the 1200 but I don't know what year to get. I was wondering if there is another nozzle to replace the 800 one also. I have also read about the 800 grate fitting the 1200 but my 800 grate is totally different from the 1200.

    Sorry if I'm rehashing stuff but my search kung fu is weak at best lol.

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    I have the 00 gp1200r also. If I remember right, it has to be a bored nozzle, because the diameters are different. I'd personally recommend an extended nozzle, that's what I'm gonna install on mine once I finish with my carb mods, etc.

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    From what I read the sho is oval but has the same area and cost 40-50 vs 100+ for an aftermarket one.

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