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    Clarification of ceramic/metal washers from dealer rebuild

    I have a 2004 Rxp, which was purchased used (second owner). The first owner had rebuilt the s/c with metal washers at 100 hours. During my ownership, the starter had seized (according to dealership) and took a few teeth off two timing gears. So they had to rebuild the timing gears and new super charger.

    I need to change the oil now, as they suggested doing so 10 days after the build. Googling has left me quite confused. I see there is an issue with ceramic washers, which peolle
    are changing to metal. I also see not to use synthetic oil if there are ceramic bearings.

    My dealer has put synthetic oil and ceramic bearings in my ski.

    I called BRP and they say it's okay to do that. However, everything on here conflicts with BRP and the dealers opinion.

    Can someone clarify what kind of oil I should be running and is it okay that the dealer put ceramic washers in the s/c? Is there no TSB from BRP about using metal and not ceramic that my dealership should have known about?

    ps, great forum. I have been a lurker for many years.

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    Get those ceramic washers out of the supercharger. SeaDoo was having a problem with the old formula Synthetic Oil and the ceramic washers. The new oil is ok. Why in the heck would a dealership use ceramic washers? BRP had a class action lawsuit against them regarding the old washers.

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    I highley doubt and will even probably guarentee you do not have ceramic clutch washers in that charger...Ceramics have been non existant for years now...Obviously your dealer has ni idea what he is talking about...IF he were to have ceramics they would be used or overstock from2006/7.And yes,the BRP synthetic oil they put iin will be fine..

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    Thanks for the replies - I had also phoned BRP and they said it is normal for a dealership to rebuild an s/c with ceramic washers. Did i get someone on the phone who didn't know what they were talking about?

    My concern at this point is not having a clue what's actually in my s/c now. It was rebuilt last week and i have an email sitting in my mailbox right now that arrived today saying "you have ceramic washers". If i can't trust BRP or the dealer, anyone have suggestions on my next steps?

    Guess the immediate action is to change my oil and doing so, i'm not sure which oil to use if it has ceramic washers...

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    Welcome to the GH
    the dealer can screw up a lot of stuff but he can not install something that has not been around for like 7 years
    no dealers have SC kits on the shelf that old, you can bet they do a few every year
    I say your fine, worry about it again in about 100 hours

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    If you can,upload a picture of your Scer clutch assembly..we will be able to tell you if you have ceramics in there or not..

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