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    oil level rising up on 2014 vx sport

    hi all....
    i read a lot on internet about how to check the yamaha vx oil ....
    i know have to check oil level when the engine is hot.....
    i always run jet ski in lake and after i check oil level.....
    but i found that after some days ride the oil level going up in (cold check) and when i (hot check ) level is top of the max......
    i read some one has this problem on yamaha vx....
    does is it need to remove some oil after some ride????
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    Does the oil smell of gas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SVHOKidd View Post
    Does the oil smell of gas?
    smell is difference with new oil but i dont think its like gas

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    oil will not just appear like that , make sure its not water or fuel mix with the oil.

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