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    Stator noise 94 Polaris 650

    I have a 94 Polaris SL 650 and I just got a new btry because the old one was dead and would not recharge. I noticed when I hooked up the new btry that there was a strange noise coming from the engine, kind of like a crackling noise. I pulled out the fuel tank and I'm pretty sure its coming from the stator. I'm new to jet skis and I have the manual in the mail atm so I'm assuming thats the stator right behind the fuel tank. Has anyone ever come across something like this? Can I replace the stator without pulling the engine? Any tips or advice would be helpful!

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    A crackling noise just when you hook it up? Not when you do anything like try to start the motor??

    The stator is underneath the flywheel and flywheel cover at the front of the motor. There is a wire harness that connects the stator to the electrical box. Check it for damaged or burnt wires......

    It may prove very difficult to remove the stator while in the ski due to limited access.....

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    I pulled the flywheel cover off last night and it looks like the starter is trying to engage and making the gears click back and forth from the starter and flywheel. It's a brand new starter so I guess I'll have to break it back down to get to the starter and check the wires. I'd rather it be the starter than the stator. Question though....when I pulled the flywheel cover off, water came that normal?

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