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    Ultra 150 top end assembly

    Hello all, I am doing the top end on my 2000 ultra 150. I was reading that when reassembling the pistons into the cylinder you need to match it up with the correct letter (A,B,C)? Is this true? Where do I find these markings? I tried to look in the manual but its not that specific. Thanks for the help.

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    I think your talking about which way the Pistons go in. There should be a little arrow on top of the piston. That must point to the exhaust port. Other than that, all 3 pistons should be the same.
    when you say the top end, what were you doing? Rings, pistons, cylinders?

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    I'm doing rings and pistons. Cylinders are in good shape. I know which way the pistons go in. I was reading somewhere I don't remember where and they said to match the piston with the correct letter cylinder? That's what threw me off.

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    Here is the post. 2nd post in topic.

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    Well, when you go with a fresh bore, each cylinder is honed to a specific piston so you would mark that piston/cylinder and keep them together.

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    letters on cylinders do not matter, they all are interchangeable

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    The original service manual mentioned something about cylinder part numbers or something. I guess there may have been slight differences in the very early engines, but I don't think it really matters. I'll have to dig out my service manual tonight and look it up.

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