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    07 FX HO Riva RPM cavitation/poor ride

    I purchased this ski a couple years ago and it's always had a poor ride compared to my cruiser of the same model year..
    Not just because of the plush seats, but the ski with the RPM kit seems to pound/bounce a lot more.
    The guy I bought it from also said he shimmed the back of the ride plate down one washer to slow it down because it took the dreaded hook turn on one of his buddies one day..

    Anyhow..... Would the RPM kit cause a more "sporty" ride?

    Also, it seems to want to bounce on the rev limiter a few times from a stand still...

    It's a few MPH faster than the stock cruiser, but I'm certainly not seeing the 63-64 MPH speeds on my GPS that Riva states... (Ski does run right at 10,300 RPM however)


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    Most likely the ride change is from the alterations the guy made to the ride plate. I don't see the RPM kit changing the ride any.

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    I've read other people talking about these skis doing an abrupt turn at high speed. Maybe I'll try the stock ride plate and see how that works out..

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    i found the best ride on the 07 using the 08/09 sho ride plate , it will slow the ski 1 or 2 miles but it ride the best , the skinny tiny oem or riva plate is bad setup on my opinion.
    currently got the same 07 but it's a full sho , not longer a ho.

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    I put a R&D ride plate on my 08 FX HO, and it helped smooth out the ride..........especially noticeable in light chop. I got maybe 0.5 mph increase also.

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