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    Exclamation 2000 Seadoo GTI day is coming

    to stop running

    I have had this 2000 GTI since 2011 and baby it ever since.
    - Always winterized
    - Wash/wax
    - Kept stored indoors all the time
    - Ensure proper ventilation during storage
    - cover always on
    - 156 hours
    - Carb rebuilt kit and new gas lines two years ago
    We didn't use the Jet Ski in 2014 due to our first child being born - kept it winterized, in storage, and proper ventilation

    We took the ski to our local shop to be summer ready
    - We needed a new battery

    We have had not much luck in 2015:
    - Shop forgot to install new battery and kept the old battery in ski - unable to use during July 4th
    - New battery installed and died on the lake twice and had to be towed back to launch (July 11th weekend) .
    If I hit a big enough wake/wave - the ski automatically shuts down for 30 minutes and then will start right up again.

    We finally got it back from the shop after a week and here is what we were told and what was done.
    - They found oil in the magneto housing - oil may have splashed on to stator and pick up coil when hitting waves
    - Removed flywheel and cleaned out oil
    - Found stator plate misaligned, adjusted stator plate, reassembled and rain on fluch
    - Engine has a slight knock to it

    - Continue to drive it with the thought in my head, this will break for good eventually
    - Have a rebuild done (1500 - 2k)
    - Trade it in or sell it on craigslist

    - There are not many things worse than being stuck in the water on a dead ski.
    - What does everyone recommend - still drive it, dump it, fix it?
    - I know there are no timeline on when this ski will stop working
    - How did this happen?

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    I take it you don't owe anything on it so I'd start looking for a new ski and just keep this for a family or friend to ride with you on. Slight knock the engine could run for many more hours with no issues or could go in the next hour.

    Selling it just isn't worth that much especially if someone does there home work on it. In perfect condition you'd have a hard time getting more than low 2K. Which also points to rebuilding it isn't really worth it either for yourself. So use it as a second ski and when it starts getting bad sell it for like $800 or so stating it needs to be rebuilt.

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    So they only cleaned out the oil. They didnt fix the reason the oil was there? The front crank seal is probably bad. In that case the motor is probably a ticking time bomb. If you are going to rebuild do it now rather than wait for it to blow. It will be a lot cheaper to fix now. You may tear it down and find it needs a new crank and seals which shouldnt be much more than 500 bucks in parts.

    Can you wrench yourself or will you have to pay to have it done? That makes a huge difference in whether it pays to fix it or not.

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    Thank you for the replys.

    i bought the ski for 1600 in 2011. They cleaned the oil and realigned the stator plate. I am not to good with a wrench on these things. I was probably going to use it as it is this summer and start pricing out parts and labor to get it rebuilt in the fall.

    What at parts should I purchase and where should I purchase them?

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