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    Help with Correct Prop Pitch and Fuel Injectors for My 2004 RXP

    Need some advice for the correct prop pitch and fuel injectors for my 2004 RXP. Below is a list of my current mods:

    Rotax Racing Supercharger Wheel
    Fizzle Intercooler (1st gen)
    Supertech Valves
    Riva Power Filter Kit
    Riva Pro Waterbox and Thru Hull Exhaust
    Solas 14/19 Prop
    Top Loader Intake Grate
    OPAS Blocked Off
    CanDoo GPS Speedo

    I currently have the stock fuel injectors. I am wondering if the 15/20 prop would be the best since it is basically a stage 2 ski and that's what Riva recommends for a stage 2. I appreciate any help. Thanks.

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    Petty sure you need 42lbs injectors

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    Anyone have some 42# fuel injectors they are looking to sell?

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    Would Bosch 48# injectors be too rich?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjspyder View Post
    Would Bosch 48# injectors be too rich?

    Way too rich!

    You will need these injectors

    and the 15/20R is the best choice in impeller

    always install a fresh wear ring with a new impeller
    Here is the OEM replacement

    here is the best replacement

    Don't forget to use the discount code: greenhulk in the forums store

    Hope that helps!


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    how much boost does that wheel put out?
    An X charger would be a better setup than that wheel, I'm guessing

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    I'm not sure how much boost I'm getting. I haven't installed a boost gauge yet. I'll probably wait til the supercharger needs rebuilt and consider getting an X charger. I put the Rotax Racing wheel in last time I rebuilt the supercharger and it felt like a significant increase over the stock wheel even with no other mods at the time.

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