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    Quote Originally Posted by mwhc View Post
    jet tribe is garbage, all of it. Their return policy is fantastic bc you already paid 100x the cost of their crap.

    I wear a leatte gpx when i race. Keeps the side to side and front to back movement down but the helmet is a bucket hitting the water at 50+mph ive had them spin around (like 180*) on a wild get-off. Neck was still sore but i wear mine on the big runabout for the random chance i get hit in the head and pray it'll help.

    Helmet wise, any motocross helmet with the dot rating is legit. Depending on how much you ride, if you fresh water flush it out, let it dry etc eill determine how long it last. 2 yrs is about how long ill rock one till no matter how much washing, cleaning, drying just doesnt cut it anymore
    the leatt is hands down the best youíll find

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    I have been CC racing now for 5 years … I use a Leatt Neck Brace, and FOX MX style helmet. I wear team racing and high speed test runs 70 mph +

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