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    2003 Yamaha XLT 800 power issues

    I just bought this wave runner and it seems when I get it to about 12-13 mph it revs really high before shifting. Now if I do it really slow there doesn't feel to be an issue but if I just give it full throttle it starts to take off normal then once it gets to that speed the rpm's go really high for a few seconds before it takes off. I also can not put more then 2 people on the ski (myself and 2 small boys) otherwise it will not go any faster then about 13. If I take 1 of my boys off I can go normal speed but I still have the same issue mentioned above. I had the ski out yesterday and hit 53 on it. I'm fairly new to this so any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    If I have 3 people on it and have the throttle fully engaged it won't go passed 13 and the rpm's are around 7.5k

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    it does not have a transmission , it's a direct drive , what you're exp is cavitation , there's few parts that need to be inspected.also make sure nothing is stock on the pump area , like a sea weed for example .
    prop and pump for damage
    intake grate needs to be sealed

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    Thanks for the reply .The problem I think was caused by rocks off the bottom. I know it doesn't have a transmission it was just the best way I could explain it. I'm going to pull it and open it up this weekend

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