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Thread: SVHO Hours

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    SVHO Hours

    More curious than anything... I want to see what kind of hours people have on these machines so far. Post hours and any other relevant info like riding conditions, issues, or if its been trouble-free riding.

    I Just hit 95 hours this weekend on the 14 FZR and other than a loose screw holding the trim lever in place (I'm digging deep here) its been smooth riding. I ride late May to mid September every year in fresh water only.

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    I put about 40 hours on stock ecu with a few mods (78mph)

    About 10/15 on reflash. No hiccups

    Adide from lose clamps I will say these things are built right

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    98 hrs, bolt on mods, 75mph
    painted twice
    seat replaced
    broken chain at 92hrs

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    30 hours. Brocken flywheel at 5 hours, Brocken Throttle body at 25 hours. Running 82MPH.

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    14 fzs snapped chain at 105 scom 4" kanaflex taking outside air Riva engine breather tj exhaust Jim's stock cut plate tial bov 77 mph

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    2014 fzs
    79 hours. Heavily modified.
    paint peeled off hull and fixed under warranty
    4 supercharger clutch failures
    1 nut missing off steering column.
    such a beast when all is running well tho.
    hold in there timing chain lol

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