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    The newer Yamaha FX's are the best skis on the market

    I have bought and sold about 25-30 skis since my first Seadoo back in 1994. I now have a 2014 FX SVHO and my wife has a 2013 FX. We took the skis out today and the whitecaps were really kicking up. Hands down these are the best skis available if you ride where the conditions can get a little rough from time to time. These FX's ride nice and high and seem to just cut through the water like they're 20' long. The ski I had prior to this year was a 2011 Ultra 300X. I bought it new and didn't want to get rid of it but the extended warranty was a month from being up and I won't own anything supercharged without being covered. I was very reluctant to trade because of the ride and power(I almost bought a 310) but I'm so glad I did. These FX's are light years ahead of the Ultra's in hull design. Best ski I've ever owned. I would recommend one to anyone.
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