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    2003 honda aquatrax f-12x turbo ( machine shutting off)

    Hello there i have a 2003 honda aquatrax f-12 turbo ARX1200T3 i just bought the machine brought it home toke it to the lake starts right up everytime. worked good for about 5 minutes then going wide open down the lake the warning light and buzzer started going off but didnt see any code. i toke it home put the hose on it let it run and after a mintute the machine will just shut off with no hesitating. toke three trys before the warning light and buzzer went off but the more i started it and let it run the less time she would stay running. Can someone help i ordered a new relay box gonna try that. somethings heating up by the sounds of things.

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    Relay is not it. Usually if the relay is bad, the ski will drain the battery or wont start at all. If its a overheating problem, the ski wont rev above 3500 rpm. Did you check oil level? It may be low and cause the engine to shut off. That has happened to one of the Honda skies I had for service.

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