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    2001 Polaris SLH 700 Stalls after riding 3/4 to full throttle for a couple minutes

    It will start fine and take off good but after riding for a few minutes at high throttle it just dies. It will usually start right back up but takes a sec before you can give it full throttle again and it will usually just die again. I rebuilt the carberators, checked the on/off switch and fuel flow is good. I also pulled the fuel pick up out of the gas tank and everything in there looks ok but I was a little intimidated by the electronic board on the fuel pickup for the fuel lvl so I didn't try to pull it apart. The only thing I didn't pull off was the water trap but I did take it apart and it looks ok and the screen was clean. I feel like it is something small that I'm missing. Oh and there is no mfd, I don't know if that would affect anything. Could it do this if the stator is going bad? Is there a over heat function maybe my thermostat is bad or water cooling system is plugged? I have also checked compression and it is at 130 on both cyclinders. It will run on each cyclinder by its self.

    Thank you

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    Did you set the regulator arm height correctly when you did the carbs. Its too low you could be starving the motor for fuel.

    I would also pull the cylinder heads and have a look, make sure you arent causing any problems from running lean.

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    Are you talking about the needle valve control arm? If you are I did not check it I will pull it apart and check it as soon as I get a chance. But is that enough to cause the problem I'm having?

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