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    Leaded gas in a 2014 SVHO

    I have a 2014 FX SVHO. Can I run leaded race fuel in it?

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    it could clog a fuel injector, and greatly reduce a o2 sensor use Unleaded race fuel 110 VP

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    Quote Originally Posted by cut2please View Post
    Leaded gas will b fine, and no it won't clog an injector

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    I have run a 60/40 mix of 100ll and 93 in my conversion, with no problems. Running straight leaded could cause some sensors to go bad.
    What mods do you have that you would need higher octane?

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    Wasn't wanting to run the race fuel yesterday because of mods. It was the only non ethanol fuel I could get that wasn't 87 octane. I went on and put 5 gal of 93 ethanol fuel in the ski. I did not want to do that. My mods are Riva air intake, ribbon delete, Riva free flow exhaust w rear outlet, Jim's machined ride plate and pump wedge with Solas prop, and upgraded cooling by Jim. Hit 74.7 yesterday with that set up. I weight 225lbs, 2 bars of fuel, 93 degrees, 100% humidity, not sure how far above sea level. Was on the river in Wetumpka, Al. No current to speak of. Was able to hit the same speed up and down the river.

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