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    1994 Polaris SL 750 problem

    I've owned this ski for 2 years and it has never worked right. I bought it knowing it had a problem. Great deal I thought. It has been nothing but a headache and I'm not looking forward to working on it this year. Oh well, here it goes. The ski does run. However, it hesatates at take off and no preformance at full throttle. It will run at medium speed so so. I've replaced front seal on crankshaft that was leaking into stator area. I've replaced reeds, cleaned carbs and check pop off (ok) I've checked compression 125 psi on each. Plugs didn't look too hot. Black and a little wet. I've replaced all three ignition coils and wires they have a blue spark on all but not a powerful spark. I was told it was a low voltage spark. Whatever, it has spark. I put the vent kit on the gas tank. I bypassed that thing that was connected to the fuel pump and check the fuel pump and it seemed (ok). I've drained the gas tank and put fresh gas in it. I replace the CDI with another one that I was told it worked. I'm thinking that maybe the CDI I put in wasn't any better than the one I took out. No noise from the propeller. The stator had oil on some of it from the leaky front seal. The resistance readings were right. I'm considering having the stator rebuilt. Where could I get that done? Or I was thinking about check crankshaft alignment. The stupid electronic gauge doesn't work either and always shows LWPR on it when I know my battery is fine and over 12.5 volts to it. The gauage is bad and I don't plan on replacing it. Not fixing the gauage will not effect the operation of my ski will it? Please give me a fresh idea or reinforce my intentions of CDI, stator or crankshaft idea's. What do you think about my situation? I thank you for any help you can be. Jim

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    Playtime Welcome to the hulk. It sounds like the crankshaft is twisted. Check crankshaft index.

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    ^^^^^ Sounds like a bad (twisted crank).

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    Ok! I will check the crankshaft. I know how to check it but I don't know how to fix it if it is twisted. So can anyone give me the information how to repair my twisted crankshaft?

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    If it is bad, the best thing to do is send it out to someone who can rebuild it for you, or buy one from someone that know about these, like a member of the HULK. You could get one off ebay but beware that you may be buying one that is not good.


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    Thanks for your input. I will have it sent out to a company to have it fixed.

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