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    Strange Code #13 Pluser Coil Failure (Maybe temperture Related) '05 FXHO

    This one has me stumped. YDS confirms the code when the motor is hot and states pulse code is not good. Yet after it cools on the trailer for a several hours, YDS indicates no issues and runs fine. Ski has 200 hours on it. YDS shows the same failure code at around 166 hours in the history.

    Got towed back 17 miles yesterday. She was running like a Raped Ape and suddenly like a switch was turned off all I could get was idle.

    Recently changed spark plugs to Iridiums. The coil sticks resistances looked good at plug change. Yamaha dealer says needs Stator Assy as the pulser coils share same heat shrink as the stator.

    I have seen pulse coils fail on motorcycles due to heat. It's just easier to get at on the motorcycle and you can change just a pick up coil.


    Bob Clark - Jax, FL

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    Wow, all the folks on here and no one has a clue as to what this problem might be....

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