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    Rebuilt engine from chain break

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    Ok, So received my ski back from riva, new rebuilt engine
    and when I start the cold engine it idles at 900 or 800 rpms and cuts off,
    I have to give it throttle to maintain 1100 rpms and after it warms up it idles at 1100 by itself.
    What could be the issue?
    Im not trying to drive another hour to take it back up to pompano, if its a easy fix.

    I also notice before the broken chain, my wot rpm were around 7900 7800, now its at a steady 7500.
    Before you could here it bouncing of the limiter. What could that be?

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    hello bushwick. start the ski and while it's running grab the throttle body intercooler hose under the intake manifold and try to move front to back and side to side and see if the rpms go up or a big change. Symptoms also could be a bad throttle body damper. That will also cause your rpm to be low.

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