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    2000 seadoo jet boat bogging

    Hi Ihave a 2000 seadoo challenger with twin 717 2 strokes in it. The left engine runs fine but the right engine will only rev to 5000 rpms if you floor it from a dead stop. Even when you ease into it at full throttle is only at about 6800 RPMS compared to the left engine thats turning about 7200 RPMS I have rebuilt the carb and cleaned it twice I have checked all the fuel lines foe leaks by putting a vacum on them,i installed a brand new fuel tank sender and I still have this same problem my spark is also good along with the compression, I dont know if any one else has had this problem it will occasionally go away but most of the time it does it.

    Thanks Luke

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    What does it do if you pull the choke while at WOT?

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    Pull choke and see if it speeds up it's lean, time to check the carbs.

    If it slows down, it's rich, check the high speed screws and see if they backed out like mine did.

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    Check the condition of the rotary valve and cover and measure clearances, sounds like you have an issue there.

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    think you have propulsion issue with the one turning 7200rpm...

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