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    VX Deluxe Inagural Ride & Question

    Took the two 2015 VXDs out today for about 90 minutes. They performed AWESOME and family had a blast. Very surprised on fuel consumption. The fuel gauge never moved off full after this time on the water so I'm very happy. We loved that RIDE technology and made them much easier to maneuver. If anyone is agonizing over whether to get a runner with RIDE or not- I'd say get the RIDE system as it was worth it in my opinion.
    Now my question- these will be primarily fresh water rides, so is it still recommended to spray everything down with Fluid Film? All the wires, plugs, connections- in addition to anything metal? There is a lot of "stuff" under the seat besides metal parts so I didn't want to start spraying everything. They will eventually see salt water since we are in Florida.
    Also- looking to pick up a Battery Tender for my two runners,.anyone use these? If so, what one did u get? I see they sell a dual system so I can charge both at the same time.
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    Great skis, a friend recently bought one and I find it to be smoother and quieter than my VXS. I normally don't spray anything in the engine bay unless I go riding saltwater, when I do, I use silicone spray before riding, then flush with fresh water and give a good exterior wash with soapy water. I've never used a battery tender as I pretty much ride at least once a week, in the colder months that I don't ride, I just disconnect the negative lead on the battery.

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    I use fluid film as part of my winterization process in the fall. All metal parts under the seat get sprayed well as well as the rear jet area.
    Today I can still see the fluid film coating on the engine and hoses as it covers, coats and stays for me. My VX only sees fresh water but the engine area is rust free. I would spray nearly everything and then not worry about it. It will be a layer of protection against corrosion.

    As for the battery maintenance, I only use my Noco Genius G1100 when the battery is removed during the winter. I connect the charger up for about 3-4 days once a month on an AGM gel battery while stored in my basement. It is a "smart" charger/maintainer.

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    Get a battery tender! They will make your battery last a long time. I plug my skis into the battery tender after every trip to the water. The battery in my standup lasted over 10 years before I had to replace it the small investment in the tender beats having to spend $100 a year or so replacing batteries.

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    Spray everything with fluid film every month or so to be safe. Fresh water tends to tarnish metal whereas salt causes metal to rust in my experience. After riding in salt, you'll want to flush the ski as well as hose down the engine bay as you will have salt deposits in there.

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    I used fluid film on everything, fresh water only. I use battery tender jr, works great.

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