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    Wanna see a hitch hauler + a double couch trailer pull four rides???

    So I picked up this magic tilt trailer last year that had xlt1200 and my wifes now old school GTX on it. I ripped the tool box off and mounted the blaster 1200 sideways.

    Yesterday I bought a superjet and started panicking about where the hell to put it. Pulled the trigger on the purchase before the logistics side of the house was worked out but I build a hitch hauler incorporated into a double hitch.

    To compensate for tongue weight I moved the axle forward on the trailer and got the trailer tongue weight down to 200. I'm still over on the tongue weight but I reinforced everywhere I could think of.

    My tow vehicles are the cummins you see and the 02 Suburban 2500 6.0.

    Anyway...tonight we went for a drive to test it and believe it or not...the damn blaster pivots perfectly around the superjet. The JS550 used for initial testing had MILES of room. I even put the truck into jackknifing scenarios and it did great. Only thing I can't do is sharp inclines. Launches are fine of course.'s the setup.
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    Comfortably pulls a 97 GP1200, 94 GTX/717 swap, Blaster 1200 and SN SJ 701

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    Photos of how the sideways ski is mounted onto the truck?

    How much total weight is on the truck hitch?

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    I like that ! A man needs his Toys !

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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    Photos of how the sideways ski is mounted onto the truck?

    How much total weight is on the truck hitch?

    I see a Cummins decal on the rear window. Guessing its a 3/4 ton truck which should handle that weight just fine.

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    Looks like plenty of fun. Nice setup. I would have thought the skis on the trailer would hit the one on the truck.

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    Will those tiny 12" tires handle that weight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCW View Post
    Will those tiny 12" tires handle that weight?
    At Class C...they are maxed out. Hence the reason you see a spare right in front of the GP1200.

    That is the weak link in this setup. I'd love to change out the axle/wheels etc but I see that has cost ineffective because for the thousands of miles I have pulled this setup...I have only lost 1 tire to date. The piece of mind would be nice but I'm going to keep rolling the dice.

    And yes...the truck is a 3/4. The 8 lugs are hard to see.

    I'll get a better pic of the hitch next time it's hooked up. The cummins has been pulled off of duty to get a 5 spd swap and the suburban is prepped for a road trip. lol

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    Class III, IV or V Hitch or Factory?

    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    Photos of how the sideways ski is mounted onto the truck?

    How much total weight is on the truck hitch?

    If it's the factory Class 3 hitch, "I" would consider upgrading to a Class 4. I did it on my Duramax, didn't trust the factory installed hitch. Class 3's are rated at 350# to 800# but if I'm not mistaking, the 800# is with the weight distributing adaptor. Another thing to keep in mind is the correct tongue weight on the trailer, not enough and it will have a mind of it's own back there.

    EDIT: Especially noticeable at speeds 50+

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    I have more tongue weight than needed that's for sure. I actually want to add some back though it's swaying just a little.

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