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    '04 XTX-R Idles great, hit throttle, dies immediately(?)

    Working on a Bud's '04 STX-R 1200. It sat up for almost four years during a title hassle which is now solved.

    Sympom: starts easily. Will idle 'till cows come home, although a bit rough, and at about 2krpm. Give a bit of gas and it falls on its face. On the hose or on the water. Starts right back up. Sometimes if I very delicately blip the throttle (incessantly -- like a Harley rider does) I can build up enough rpm, and it screams until I chicken out. This with it on the hose, and otherwise unloaded.

    Here's what I've done so far:

    1) Drained all fuel from the tank and replaced with new premium 93 Oct. Observed no contaminants in the stale fuel, not even water:

    2) Replaced the battery with a new one: (not because of the problem, but because the old one was kaput)

    3) Ensured that the fuel path from the tank is clear;

    4) Observed the fuel pump drawing fuel out of a temporary, auxilarry fuel 'tank' (actually, a Jim Beam bottle) and through the fuel filter with the engine running;

    5) Checked the plugs, they looked OK for a two stroke that isn't coming up to operating temp -- a little wet;

    6) After coaxing it up to moderate rpm, held the throttle WFO with no load, hoping it was "loaded up" and would clear out. It sorta "clear out" somewhat and when I chickend out cuz of the high rpm, it will not idle, quits immediately. It will restart easily. Note: I've repeated this step lotsa times with same result each time.;

    7) Sorta checked out the oil injection pump and noted nothing amiss.; and, lastly:

    Viewed the carburetors, noted the complete lack of fuel pump, float bowl, but did notice something that looked a lot like a TPS (throttle position sensor) I panicked, busted in the house and wrote this thread.


    1) what I do now?

    2) by what means do those carbs work? CV's with no float bowl I've never encountered before now.

    3) What does that TP thingy do?

    Any help much appreciated.
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    What is an xtx-? Im going to take a guess and say stxr. Pull the carbs and disassemble and clean. Probably all gunked up

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    Found downloadable FSM. Always a good place to start. With that item, the carb disassembly, which I figured on, will be somewhat less daunting.

    Hate to work on stuff that has not been used regularly!
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    Btw no jetski carb has float bowls, the ski would never stay running!

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    They are diaphragm carbs, just like a giant weedeater or chainsaw carb. The can work at any angle, even upside down, which your typical bowl style carb can not.

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