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    2006 Yamaha FX HO - Not Starting - No Fuel Pump or Bilge power

    Just thought I would post this as it might help others with a similar problem.

    A friends FX HO had developed an issue with erratic running which eventually led to a complete non starting situation (green led on dash was lit but no lcd display).

    The ski would crank quite happily but would not fire.

    After an £800 repair bill from MES marine in queensferry for a replacement ECU the ski then ran 3 times and then failed once again - still cranking but not firing (and no lcd on dash again).

    Mark at MES was a bit of a tosser and refused to even look at the ski without classing it as another paid job so any recourse with them was pointless (just lost at least 4 customers)

    So we were left to our own devices and the many informative posts in relation to non start issues.

    It always puzzled me that this ski had been fussy with it's bilge pump in the past and on numerous occasions had failed to start if the bilge was disconnected despite many others running quite happily with them disconnected.

    I had to assume it was a coincidence.

    Logically I checked the wiring diagram and concluded that the lack of lcd display on the dash was indicating that the ecu was not powering up (diags would not communicate either)

    To verify this I looked for a supply on the wiring diagram and traced it's source, which started to lead me to the dual relay that powers both the fuel pump and bilge pump albeit independently.

    I checked the 12v supply to it and it was fine but no trigger signals from where ever they came from - first i suspected the relay could be faulty but the lack of a trigger made me look deeper.

    The supply for the fuel pump was a solid yellow wire which was routed through to the security unit in the front of the hull then back to the ecu.

    We checked continuity to the ecu - it was fine, then to the the relay - nothing.

    This was then replaced with a new cable and pow - she fired up sweeter than she had in years.

    If there's a moral to this story it's two fold.

    1, jet ski dealers are often only your friends when they are taking your money (well some of them)
    2, the simplest solution - however improbable is often the right one (faulty wire)

    Hopefully this might helps someone else with a similar issue to resolve theirs.

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    i don't get it , if the ecu was not at fault the first time it was a faulty wire, how did they got it running replacing just the ecu ? .

    agreed on the dealers friendship , it happens on any dealer , car , truck or marine.

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    As mentioned earlier in the post this ski had been problematic in relation to the bilge pump - when disconnecting the bilge the ski would not run - when re-connecting it would run fine.

    Seemed systemic at the time but now it would seem that the movement of the loom was just enough for the break in the yellow wire to make contact on a temporary basis.

    An undetermined amount of time later either due to the movement of the ski or flex in the loom - the wire would go open circuit again until some more work was completed.

    The ecu swap caused just enough movement of the loom to fix it temporarily - unfortunately this time it was only for around 48hrs before the wire failed again.

    If i could be bothered taking the main wiring box back out for the umpteenth time I am 100% confident that the old ecu works fine.

    I'm also 99.9% confident that the dealer would come up with some reason why we wouldn't be entitled to a refund for the replacement of the non faulty part and his time that was charged for not fixing the ski.

    Hope this helps.

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    Same fault 48 hours after £800 repair ??? And he wouldn't look at it...... That's a trading standards job if ever there was one... do you still have your friends other (possibly perfectly good) ecu?

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