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Thread: SLT 750

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    SLT 750

    Bought a ski this week cheap and been reading the info here a lot.

    Ski has not been run in 10 years so I replaced the fluids and installed a clear return fuel line to check out any problems. The rest of the fuel lines have been replaced.

    I 'm pretty sure I need a reed valve on the mag cylinder.

    I usually work on vintage bikes and have owned several H2 Kawasaki three cylinder two stroke bikes. I am a poor man and usually fix everything that needs fixing so I can spend my money buying more stuff that needs fixing.

    I am not going to put any mods on this thing until I am sure I am not putting a saddle on a dead horse.

    Took it out yesterday and took it easy for about 20 minutes and then run it up several times. Don't know the speed or RPM. Ran decent but on closer inspection of the engine there was excess oil in the carb cover so I removed it and started the engine . The mix started coming out of the top of the carb at extreme end or the RPM range.

    Where does one find a good deal on reeds and do you have to buy the cage also or just the reeds. I have seen them both ways.

    Great informative forum.

    I live near Kentucky lake and that covers a lot of space.

    Links for reeds are most welcome !

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    Welcome to GH!

    The SLT 750 is a great ski! One of my favorites. What year is yours? Last 2 digits on the HIN plaque will tell.

    The Achilles heal on these blue Fuji engines is the fuel system. They need to be tip-top to be reliable. A ski as old as yours *really* needs the carbs fully rebuilt with Mikuni kits (not aftermarket). Additionally, you need to either rebuild the existing fuel pump... or for the same cost... just upgraded to a round Mikuni triple outlet fuel pump (same as original but with 2 more outlets) and plumb a dedicated fuel feed line to each individual carb... removing the daisy-chain current setup. You can leave the return lines daisy-chained with a single return line.

    Also inspect all the fuel lines. Any grey Tempo-brand fuel hoses need to be replaced. They internally break-down and gum up things. The fuel selector valve (On/Off/Reserve) is another common air-leak point. The entire fuel system from tank to fuel pump is under mild suction... so any air leaks displace fuel and cause trouble. Needs to be air tight.

    If your SLT is a '94 version... check the fuel hoses inside the fuel tank... they can degrade and break off. Later years had a solid metal pickup tube setup.

    You said you replaced the return fuel line. Did you get the RESTRICTOR out of the original? You MUST have it in the return fuel line. It is originally located about 2 inches from the end of the return fuel line where it connects to the carb. It is INSIDE the hose... it's a brass jet-like thing with a small hole in it. This needs to be transferred over to your new return line. The carbs require the back-pressure this restrictor creates.

    Lastly... you definitely sound like your reeds are bad/chipped/broken... with that kind of back puffing through the carbs. The reed pedals are replaceable separate the reed cage. You will need a bunch of intake gaskets after you remove the intake and reed cages to put the intake all back together again.


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    Tanks for the answers. The restrictor is installed.

    I am in the process of removing the carbs. What a pain. Had to take a break from the heat.

    Advice here please. Should I buy a set of used reeds or buy a new set. I think the ski will be alright to spend some money. I would have to tear this thing down twice.

    There is going to be a sharp learning curve here on my part. From all the info here on this site I think if I Take my time everything will be alright.

    Oh I capsized LoL

    Left handed guy on a right hand Ipad.
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    Mag end had a piece missing. I will order all new because I don't want to do that procedure again for a long while.

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    I really liked what the Boyesen reeds did on my Fuji 650. Take a look at those.

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    Thanks for the reply. Do you have a link or favorite supplier ?

    Ripcuda, This is a 1995 model.

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    I got the parts ordered so I got a couple of days to continue learning about this ski.

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    Buy a 12mm open end and grind it off shorter for the carb rail work...makes life easier.

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    I got about 8 12 mm and several custom designs by " Roy ? Never know when you will need one.

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