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    New to pwc question

    As an owner of a 2015 fzs, do you flush out the ski after every outing in just fresh water? I have only been out once on the ski. Thanks

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    I flush after every ride. If riding in fresh water I just use fresh water. If any salt at all I use salt away.

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    Ok thanks for the reply!

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    I did blip the throttle after pulling out of the river after our first outing, but did not flush afterwards at home. Also I noticed that the screw cap to the fresh water flush outlet was not on and was apparently off during our first outing. There was no water in the hull so I guess everything was fine without the cap?

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    If you are riding in fresh water, there is no need to flush after a ride. I keep my ski at a freshwater lake. It is 7 years old and I have never flushed it after a ride on the lake. Only times I've flushed is after riding in brackish water (intercoastal waterway), or in salt water.

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    Im replacing the bendix on my 94 waverunner3 and broke the flywheel bolt putting the flywheel back on . Can i replace it with a regular grade 5 bolt instead of ordering that particular bolt

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