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    rear plug fouled twice gp1200

    HI all its been a while since I was on here which is good because my ski was running great. now it has fouled the rear plug twice. compression is 110 110 90. What are your thoughts? Rings, gasket, carbs. I rebuilt it about 10yrs ago and never did a thing to it other the change plugs ever couple of years. its premix. Thanks in advance.

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    That difference on compression is a little more than I like. You could hold out until the end of the season but that is playing roulette. Either way...She is tired and ready for rebuild.

    Good luck.

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    That's more then spec...."no more then 10%" and by 90 PSI it's hardly making any power. I'd assume that the check valves are creased in the carb causing loss of fuel pressure which is common on the 65U engine. I'd suspect that the rear seal could be leaking causing it to run leaner on the #3 too. It's tired for sure and ready for a rebuild.


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