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    New 2009 FX SHO owner

    Now that I am committed to this fun game with a used 2009 FX SHO 95 hrs. What would be the first nice upgrade that you all would recommend.

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    Well to keep it simple you should first do ribbon delete, air filter, and exhaust.

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    I agree I bought my 09 with 85 hours on it in May, ribbon delete, cold air intake, free flow exhaust, I'm already at my rev limiter, so my next upgrade is the ECU. So to be honest the first thing I would do is upgrade the ECU, the other mods combined if done your self are under 200 dollars in total and can be done to the bike in 3-4 hours.

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    Don't forget about the intake grate and ride plate.

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    Does the free flow exhaust make it louder?

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    Really loud and no big gains... better off doing the Tommy Jordan exhaust mod

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    You will hate the exhaust drone. don't do it.

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