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    1994 slt 750 Newbie Questions!! Please help!!

    Ok guys, first off thanks for reading and responding. I'm pretty mechanic savvy, but I'm brand new to jet skis. I've rebuilt several boat motors, cars, rat rods, etc. Mechanically and electrically. Just never really got into skis.

    Well I recently picked up a 1994 Slt 750 in pretty good shape. Nicks and dings here and there but otherwise functional. They guy started it up and ran it for a few seconds (no water), and I ended up buying it for $400 with trailer. Seemed to run pretty decent, and the top end and carbs were rebuilt less than a year ago by polaris.

    Upon quick inspection, I noticed the cdi box? Wasn't bolted down (no battery in it either), also the display had been unplugged. Other than that everything seemed to be in tact.

    My question is what should I look for, inspect, replace, test, etc on this ski before I hit the water. I want to make sure its right because i will be pulling my kiddos around on a tube with it. Keep in mind I know nothing about these skis. The guy told me that the display would run the battery down if it was plugged in, but don't these skis have a stator to maintain the charge on the battery while running?

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated! I'd just like a starting point/ list of common things to check maintenance wise on it.

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    An unplugged display screams that you have a sensor failure someplace and the owner disconnected it to bypass limp mode.

    That and the CDI being unbolted means you have some electrical detective work to do IMO.

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