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    08 Seadoo RXPX 255 Coolant problem

    I was out ridding a week ago and my ski threw the over heating alarm. I rode back to my dock and noticed my coolant bottle empty. So the next day I got some coolant and filled it up. I ran for about 20 minutes then topped it back up after I had the ski warmed up. I ran it for another 40 or so minutes and everything looked fine. I went to ride today (which is about 4 days after I originally filled it back up) and my coolant bottle is now empty again when I know it was still full after my last ride. Is it safe to assume it is a leak in a hose somewhere and not the head gasket because it leaked out without the ski running at all?

    I will be pullling it out of the water tomorrow to see if i can see any in the hull - it is too hard to see with it on the docks right now.

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    I suspect a hose clamp came loose at the rear of the engine.

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    One area to look for the coolant leak is on the top of the ride plate,my 08 rxpx would loose coolant randomly and i found it seeping through the bolts which hold the top plate to the bottom,If your hull is dry,and your performance feel normal it might be that ,worth a look anyway,I would ride mine all day and would be fine still full after the ride ,After it would sit in the garage a while it would puddle up , sometimes.

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    There's so many places it could be leaking from. Best bet is to put few lb of air into system and look around.

    I was cheap and simply used a regular from a paint gun I had with a fitting and connected it to the overfill hose on the bottle. Found a small leak at the small hose on top of engine.

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    So I pulled it out of the water this afternoon. I found it leaking from the top of the ride plate just like bwx said. It is coming out of the bolt hole furthest to the back end of the ski (just below where the nozzle is). Is this something I can slap some loctite on and then silicone over and be good?

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