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    05 gp1300 diag plug

    can anyone show me a picture of what and where my diag plug is located please?

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    I'll try to snap a photo later...

    In the meantime. It is located with a cluster of wires and connectors ~15" aft of the front bucket, just port side of the steering cable. Think above the oil tank(ish) You'll need to cut the zip ties that hold the million wires neatly together.

    To access it, the front bucket must be removed. Once the bucket is out, there may be a white panel that doesn't let U see the innards (fuel tank, your wires, etc). Pry the top of the panel out, there are 2 plastic "catches" that hold the top in place. 2 catches on the bottom as well, but you can pry the top out enough to get to the wires.

    Fortunately, there's only one, 4 prong connectors(only 3 wires are used).

    Separate the wires. You'll be reaching in a solid foot or so towards the port side.

    Find the matching connector, squeeze the release and pull apart. Plug in your adapter.

    Have your software running, prior to starting motor. Crank the motor(you don't have to start it-just wake it up) and THEN hit the "connect" on your software. If you connect prior to the ski going back to sleep(10 seconds), you're locked in and can check for error codes etc..

    You can also do a running test if you start it dry, but you only get 20 seconds before ski gets tooo hot. If you are familiar with the software, you can quickly check the tons of live sensor values in that time.

    Run it on a hose to do longer tests, like dropping 1 cylinder at a time and seeing it's rpm drop.

    Just remember, ALWAYS start ski, turn on water. TURN OFF WATER 1ST, THEN turn off ski.

    reconnect electrical fitting when your done.Hope that helps.

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    he said GPR not FX/FZ

    -remove front bucket
    -look right under the front hood latch towards the port side
    -find the only grey connector in that harness (its actually the cluster harness)
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