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    VX1100 Prop Question - 2014 VX with other mods already

    I have a 2014 VX Deluxe that I bought new. I recently did some mods to it including a ribbon delete (what a bit<h!!!), custom exhaust and intake. I noticed a decent increase on the low end and now think I need to re-prop to balance out. I am hoping to possibly get a little on top end.

    This is not a fast ski by any means but I am trying to squeeze whatever I can out of it. Also, any ideas of other things I can mod?

    Thank you in advance!

    If anyone is having trouble removing the ribbon from VX1100s .. message me and I can tell you how I did it and what worked well/didn't work well.

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    If its not a High output 1800 engine you want get a lot of help on here, just the way it is. I would try having your impeller repitched up and try that.

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    r and d air filter and a silencer delete is about all you can do to thats ski.

    I can get the ribbon out of a ski in 15 minuet now. This was after doing about 100 of em haha. Now its a synch. I feel your pain tho, this knowledge came at the cost of many busted up knuckles

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    Intake and Ribbon delete is about it. You will notice better low end response, but no real increase on the top end.
    Since you have also taken care of the exhaust, that might be one of the rare VX exhaust mods. A prop might get +1 mph

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    maybe an intake grate and a new impeller, other than that sponsons but they are not really adding to the top end but help a lot on the chops

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