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    Run away SUV 65U

    Rebuilt carbs, inspected reeds and cages. Used bolt tightening sequence (no torque spec in manual, assumed 6 a 8 Nm) on intake manifold in Service manual but didn't have a torque wrench that would go over 5 Nm, so I went an 1/8 of a turn past 5 Nm. Cranked ski and it ran away .... Stop button wouldn't stop the engine. Ripped plug wires off finally after 30 a 45 seconds it stopped. Everything seemed tight, pulse lines were attached. Checked compression after event and still had 105 to 110 psi across 3 cylinders. plan on doing a pressure test. Scared the sh$&t out of me!

    Any suggestions?


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    Running way too lean, spark tip get hot and act like spark even when engine is kill.

    p/s: if this happen again, just pull the kill switch and do WOT and it will die.
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