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    Wink STX-R vibration from rear cause SOLVED! (Plus further advice needed..

    Hi Guys

    You may remember me posting about my STX-R vibrating, well today it's gone in for the jet pump housing, bearings and new impeller - low and behold;

    Just over 2mm clearance to the wear ring and a cracked pump cone..!

    Only problem being i didn't have the new cone for them to fit, i've searched for the part number fo it and no joy - can anyone help with that?

    Also - is it safe to drop in the water just to test with the cracked cone?


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    I would not run it with a cracked cone..

    btw you did not have to open a new thread for this
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    Thanks Turboman - have sourced the part locally and is on the way to me today.

    I'd say this forum needs as many new thread opening as possible!

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    If you had just updated your original post (or your second one on the issue) it would make it easier to follow for people searching a similar issue in the future.

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