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    OBD connector and V-tech tuning.

    Hello all, I've posted a question at and will post the same question here (so sorry if any of you are reading it twice).

    I just ordered a brand new Spark 3-UP and it will arrive tomorrow. I also ordered the V-tech tuning kit (maptuner + license + cable) separately since my Spark dealer couldn't/wouldn't add the tuning at the shop.

    My question is, is it hard to do the tuning myself as a person who has never modified a motor vehicle before? I've read that you need to locate the OBD connector, where and how can I find it? How long will the initial tuning take?

    What tuning would you recommend for me as a first time Spark owner with all stock parts? I was told the E85 is really good, anything negative about it except the fact that you need E85?

    All in all, do you have any tips for me as I'm going to tune the Spark. I do not want to screw it up before I even put the machine in the water.

    Peace out!

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    2 things come to mind.

    1. You may get frustrated. Relax don't rush, if something appears to not be behaving, ask online. We find novice users sometimes don't follow procedure really well, so please read all you can.

    Think of tuning in this process:

    You need to get a piece of data from the ski, to maptuner, to the server.

    Let the server re create your data.

    Then go from server, to maptuner to ski with that data.

    2. E85 is my favourite on spark.

    Only issue is you have about 90 km range.

    Other than that, it's great fun.

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    hi and thanks for the reply!

    How do I find where to connect the maptuner on the ski? Do I need any any specific tools to open up the ski or is it plug and play?

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    In the box your maptuner comes in, there should be some instructions and a couple of pics to find the OBD plug. They tuck it up behind the harness, you'll find it..

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