Just logging down some information and food for thought.

Had a 4tec engine just built and come back not charging.. Low 12v error.
The stator was faulty. We tested resistance between the 3 wires and got nothing, like they had all been broken off. (Spec is .1 to 1 ohm)

Ok so engine is a (2006 and up) it had a 2011 stator and running my old 2003 magneto flywheel.

Found faulty stator but on a further note you cant run older (Pre 2006) magneto flywheels with later (2006 and up) model stators or even the other way.

You can run a matched pair of early (2002 up to 2005) stator and magneto in a later (2006 and up) PTO housing.

You cant run earlyer stator and later magneto because stator out side diameter is to large and it binds. and im guessing you cant run earlyer magneto and stator because clearance will be to much.

So now i have my old 2003 stator and 2003 mag in 2011 pto housing and with 2011 crank and it works. weird

Food for thought guys.