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    HPS timing k-way

    Can run one hour,or 45m. Full throtle or need special fuel; 150psi head,single pipe,7230rpm,thank's JB

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    Not for sure what the question is here? Are you asking if it can be ran wide open for extended periods with the key installed? Yes, it doesnt change anything but advance the timing.

    As for fuel with a timing key and your 150 psi head. It doesnt need "special" fuel but it does need to be higher octane than the standard low octane gas.

    I cant tell you the octane rating since you are in another country. In the USA we use 93 octane with that combo, but that is different than your 93 octane. They are measured differently in other parts of the world and I dont know the conversion. Example: Our 93 octane could be like your 100 octane (just generic #s).

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    Europe versus USA Fuel convertion

    More timing more heat, and this engines just don't like it, that was my concern.May be i'm wrong,but if the k-way don't generate more heat then i will be fine.
    100oct after convertion is 95oct USA
    98oct mean's 93oct USA
    95oct mean's 91oct USA
    This convertion was supplied to me by an engenier of BP-british petroleum company,hope this help anyone that need it.
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    Thank's anyway for your adviše.Usually everyone use same k-way or there are:
    Know anything to cool down engine? without being special fuel?

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    I was told when I was modding my GPR, that with 150psi heads, it was best to use only the 3 degree keyway.Anymore, and without really good fuel, you could have problems.
    Thank you also for the conversion from U.S. to European spec fuel. Iv'e benn trying to get that for ages!
    R&D did do a mod where you drilled the exhaust manifold for more cooling, but I don't know much more about it-sorry.

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    Accurate convertion fuel EU versus USA

    I don't have a K-way yet,any suggestion?
    Official convertion from BP:
    EUROPE ----------- USA
    Unleaded 100.00 = 94.40
    Unleaded 98.00 = 92.50
    Unleaded 95.00 = 90.00

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    Stay away from an HPS keyway and go for a true offswet one. The HPS is a stock keyway that has been grinded on the bottom half allowing you to move the flywheel, I belive the recommendation is to use loctite to keep in in place. We can not even keep the crank in phase and must have it welded, using loctite to keep the flywheel in place is a joke. We have seen that the coming in and out of the water does to a crank snout. If you come in and out of the water you will eventually lose the 3 degrees of advance and most likely will ended up back with stock timing. A full offset keyway will keep the flywheel in place.

    I have some Full Offset available if interested and so does Island Racing and WFO Performance. 713-875-1812
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    Loctite Ain't Going To Cut It!!
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    K-Way timing 1300R

    The Electrical from 1200r to 1300R are diferent on degree Timing? thinking yes,how much advance/retard degree diferent?
    So wich K-way Degree for 1200R? And wich K-way Degree for 1300R?
    I will go to the full offset,call you fercho this afternoon
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    JB I would not run a keyway on a 1200R if I was you. I would get an advent!!!!!!

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