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    Hull repair -- Advice needed

    OK, this happend at a fuel dock. They had pieces of angle iron around the dock for some reason. Big boat came by making waves and beating my ski to hell. Tried my best to hold it back with my foot, but I noticed this after I got home and was cleaning the ski.

    Would something like this fix it? Its made by West.

    NRS G/flex Epoxy (2- 4oz)

    Then I was thinking I could use Touch up Pen from Color Rite that yall linked to.

    Finish off by putting a new chrome decal.

    Limited skill set here (although I am getting better at some things since buying this ski). So I need easy.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    as a captain, I know Im resposible for my wake... any chance you know who was driving the big boat?

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    Iv always used west systems epoxy for my repairs, that product looks ok but really even the standard stuff will do the job. You will need to sand it back and lay fibreglass mat as it looks cracked through. The first piece of glass mat should overlap the damage by 1/2inch, the next piece a 1/2inch over that and so on until you have built up to be flush with the rest of the surface. The thicker the material the bigger the repair. If you have access to both sides you can half the size of the repair by doing this method on both sides, it doesn't look like you will have access on both sides.

    Just make sure you find out the thickness of the material and your repair mat and calculate how many layers you will need. Then draw the layers on the ski, cut out the fibreglass to fit each layer then sand back the surface in layers, stepping down the thickness of the repair at each graduation. The final repair will be a larger than the initial damage but will be at least as strong as the original. The limiting factor will be the mechanical adherence of the repair, which is why epoxy is a must. 180-220gsm plain weave glass mat would be what I would use.

    After the repair you will have to sand it smooth, apply an epoxy primer and paint the area. I usually add one extra layer of fibreglass back at the repair stage so I can sand it back smooth without using a filler. Good luck!

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    Sorry... This discussion took off in another thread. I should have updated.

    I got it fixed at a body shop near my work. He fixed this flawlessly and also cleaned up some other nicks and chips for like $200 or so. I was very happy. You can't even tell anything happened

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