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    What's faster, a 1900lb boat with 255hp or a 3100lb boat with 430hp?

    Which would/should feel generally faster in acceleration, general speed, etc (not end top speed)
    Would twin engine vs single make any difference?

    More specifically I'm talking of the challenger 180 vs challenger 210
    1,913 lbs vs 3,100 lbs
    255hp single vs 430hp twin


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    it's not that easy. There's a lot more hull drag in a 21ft boat. You either need to know the actual amount of drag per hull to do the formula correctly or someone who has real world tested each.

    I can tell you if you removed the jet and put that same power out drive on it you'd sure as hell be faster. Jet drive is the most inefficient form of propulsion

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    Quote Originally Posted by imp0ster View Post
    Jet drive is the most inefficient form of propulsion

    if you want a boat buy a boat, not a want-a -be

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    Quote Originally Posted by skidoochris View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by imp0ster View Post
    Jet drive is the most inefficient form of propulsion

    if you want a boat buy a boat, not a want-a -be
    Ha I hear ya, and I like my current jetboat, great use in my area lake/river.

    I'm more just curious if you were to venture a guess, or if one isn't even in the same ballpark. As I'm not good w even guessing power to weight/length/etc

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    I had a Wake 430 for a while and it was a nice boat but I would not buy another. It was faster than any Challenger I ran up on but it drank fuel like a cheap whore at an open bar. Very comfy and sea-worthy but it did not control well at all at low speed, (typical of a jet and no IBR available then) and has the same SC issues as all Sea Doo, 100 hour re-build, etc.
    I would get an old Master, other boat or a good in/out Daycruiser. Much more efficient and easy to maintain in comparison.
    But to answer your Q I again never ran into a Challenger I couldn't blow by.

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    Only jet boat id get would be a yami boat, and even then, I would likely talk myself out of it unless it were cheap or free...

    A nearby island use to use a twin motor seado as their island tender...that thing was pretty quick, but always breaking down. I do simple service on a dozen yami jet boats in the area for snow birds and those twice a year type boat owners...with little to no reliability issues...
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    rlovebk has proof, but I was going to say, acceleration wise, the twin should have much better acceleration, if that is all you were looking for.

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    The twin has a higher top end by few MPH. You'll have much more power at all RPM's when loaded up with people and supplies for a day on the water and that is when you'll really notice the difference between the two.

    Personally if jet boat is what your leaning to I'd go with the Yamaha. Less maintenance, better mpg, better reliability, and will perform very similar.

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    My only experience with Yamaha jet boats is they are loud and very slow. Outboard or stern drive power is more efficient but less fun if you like doing 360's

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