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    2000 GP1200 Bogging down, too rich?

    Hi all, first time poster but have lurked for awhile, especially since purchasing my GP1200 a few months ago. It's my first ski and I've learned a lot but am still a noob so please bear with me.

    Okay, the ski seems to bog down sometimes if I cruise at about 5k RPM. By bogging down I mean that the rpm will drop sharply (along with the speed) with no change in throttle. Am I correct that this is usually a problem with it running too rich? It also will do this more frequently if its recently been idling for a long period of time and will sometimes bog hard even off idle. Usually just mashing the throttle is enough to clear it out and it will eventually accelerate to top speed. If I've been riding for awhile throttle response is much quicker so I'm thinking its too rich on the low/mid?

    I'm also not sure but it also feels like the thing really "takes off" at about 5k rpm (when accelerating properly that is), is this normal?

    I've just finished cleaning the carbs, also the power valves have been checked and had new couplings and the waveater clips installed.
    Current Carb specs are taken from here:
    125 mains, 110 pilots, 1 turn out lows 1 1/4 turn out highs, 1.5 needle, 95g spring. Accelerator pump disabled. Flame Arrestors, no chokes.

    Is there any way to solve this without changing the jets? I have the t-handles on the adjusters so that would be preferable. Additionally, one side of the cowling appears to be blocked off and not allowing air in, would opening that side help?

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    What do the plugs look like? Compression? Any mods?

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    Did you match your pop off pressure when you rebuilt the carbs?

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    Could be a leaking needle and seat if they are original and rubber tip is cracking on the needle on one of the carbs, you would not know if you didn't have a pop off pressure tester, disregard if they are new. Think I have a pop off tester yet to sell...

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    Needle and seat could be leaking or the needle arm might not be straight.

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    Thank you for the quick replies everyone. I have not been able to look at the plugs yet and won't till this evening. Compression was about 110 (cold) across the board before this last run. Only mods are D-plate, Flame arrestors, and disabled accelerator pump. I did not have a way to test the pop-off when rebuilding, but the carbs are less than 3 hours rebuilt with all new gaskets, diaphragms, etc. New needles/seats, springs, arms, and jets.

    Something i forgot to mention in the OP, the engine definitely seems to smoke more than its fair share. When I powered up onto the trailer this morning it was like someone had done a burnout. :/ I don't know if that means anything...

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    I just rebuilt mine and the platinum looking spring that comes in the kit were 42 to 50 psi pop off and I adjusted them to the lowest. I also had to bend one arm that was a tad low.

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    Plugs will tell you. You may have to do a chop at that rpm to get a reading, but you can at least pull them out and see.

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    Okay, I guess I'll have to check the plugs then. How do you do a high rpm plug chop and then check them? Am I supposed to take a wrench with me out to the center of the lake? Sorry if that's a dumb question.

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    Yes. First check them and make sure you're not lean. But run it at that rpm range for 30-60secs and yank the lanyard. 1 and 2 are easy to do while straddling, 3 takes a little effort. Don't sink

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