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    Video: Kiwi WaveBlasters Charge Narrow Creek, Crash & Sink

    All the video description says is, “2015 River Run displaying some pretty average riding ability and extreme lack of judgment.” And there could be no truer words spoken. This YouTube video is a fun one, with some pretty ridiculous footage from a trio of helmet cams as a group of friends hailing from Coatesville, New Zealand, charge a very narrow, winding creek (although they call it a river) that is crammed full of fallen logs, branches, moss and low hanging tree branches – making their helmets the smartest decision they made that day.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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    Personally, I think they were going a little bit too fast for conditions. lol.

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    Those were not even riding conditions! What a disregard for personal safety!,

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