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    Fx Cruiser Water in hull - always

    Ok. Maybe I am just too picky but do you guys always end up with water in the hull after your rides. Yes, I have wash over the hood a few times each ride due to the waves, but come on. Also the front storage locker does not really seem to seal very well. I have about 1-2 gallons every time I go out. Bummer since I ride in salt water most of the time. Maybe it is the seat seals or the FX HO seats uhpolstry seams that are leaking???

    So...Is water in the bottom just a regular thing or is it just mine that is having a problem??

    I used to ride a 1200 SUV and the front locker was alwaus dry and there was maybe 3 cups of water in the hull after such rides.

    Love to hear what others are experiencing.

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    Mine only ends up with a small amount of water in the bottom, far less than my 1300.

    Is the siphon and bilge pump working?

    Put the bungs in, tilt the ski up so that the back is down and fill the ski up on the inside with a hose. Only to cover the rear ride plate brackets and exhaust outlet with a decent level of water. Do not cover the battery etc. Then see if it leaks out the bottom of the ski round the ride plate, by the exhaust outlet or the other through transom fittings. You may have to remove the curtain things round the pump to view things properly.

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    great idea - Ill give it a try and let you know.

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