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    1993 Polaris SL750, Engine quickly fills with gas/oil

    my 1993 Polaris sl750 ran great and now it wont start , rear cylinder (pto)bottom crank case filling up with fuel, took carbs off and cleaned them. What would cause this to fill up with fuel? I suck the fuel out of the crank case on the pto cyliinder out and put the carbs back on, crank it over 3 or 4 times and it fills back up with gas/oil. please help dont know what direction to go.

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    Check your plumbing on your fuel pump. If you mixed up a fuel line for the pulse line that works the pump... you could easily be draining fuel into the lower case of the PTO cylinder.

    Are you running an upgraded triple outlet fuel pump as recommended? Or still on the stock single outlet fuel pump? Did you rebuild the fuel pump in addition to the carbs?

    The complete fuel system must be tip-top on the 750s. And now that these skis are 20+ years old... the original stuff is no longer tip-top. Time to rebuild carbs (w/ kits)... upgrade to a triple outlet fuel pump... inspect all fuel lines including the ones inside the fuel tank... replace fuel selector (if applicable)... clean/upgrade fuel water separator/filter... etc.

    Tons of info on everything you need to do here:


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