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    2001 Seadoo GTX DI will not turn on-dead

    My 01 seadoo gtx seadoo will not run or even turn over or make beep sound when plugging dess lynard. Iam the original owner. I put 2 brand new batteries in and replaced the voltage regulator. This all started about a week ago when riding it. It threw a code of 12 v low voltage and would go into limp mode. I put it back on trailer in limp mode took it home put new battery in and a new voltage regulator in. Now the seadoo has no power to even turn on, the gauges and no sounds-dead. The only way I can get the seadoo to power up is hook up the battery charger to the battery in the seadoo and plug Lynard in and it will beep and activate fuel pump that's it. I checked all the fuses and they are good I checked the starter relay with another-nothing and checked to see power to computer with wire tester and there is power and power to 30 amp fuse. Is the computer dead? Can someone help. I'm leaving on a trip in 5 days and it may just stay home. Thank you.

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    Grounding problem? With a volt meter, measure between the Negative battery terminal and the engine block. Then but in the Dess, the meter should show no voltage.

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    You're new battery is probably dead. Did you have to fill it with acid and charge it?

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    I've seen it twice this season so far. Brand new bad batteries.

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