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    sealing ride plate

    What material is the best for sealing ride plate holes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Bauer On 15F View Post
    What material is the best for sealing ride plate holes?
    I sealed mine with silicone but some did not last to long and the can be hard to get smooth with out tearing them out. When I finnally get an aftermarket plate I will use JB weld so I can sand it smooth. Just put a little rope & duct tape in first to make the bolts accessable...


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    If you use good silicone and give it some time to set you shouldn't have any issues. It won't do the job of JB Weld but it's easier to get out later. If you use JB Weld, get the marine stuff. It works great.

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    If you use JB weld, is it very hard to scrape it back out later? The guy who had my ski before me used silicone, but it doesn't seem like it held very well. It's kind of flapping all over the place right now.

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    will filling the bolt holes on the stock plate help at all?

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    Smile sealing plate holes

    I just sealed the plate holes on my stock '04 170 hour 12f two days ago. I don't know how much I got from that alone because while I was at it, I also cut a lip of excess silicone out from around the pump seal, sealed the ride plate and grate to the hull with silicone, and sanded some roughness from my intake grate and ride plate while I was sanding my filled plate holes.

    As near as I can tell however. my 12F's now running 1-2 MPH faster than it did before. It used to go 53 - 56 gps (depending on air and water temp, chop, amount of gas in tank, etc.). Today it clocked 57.1 with a full tank of gas! It also walked away from another '04 12F (with 32 hours on it) and an FX 140 with a 40 pound lighter rider.

    For me, the results were well worth the $4 it cost for materials and the two hours of fussing. Anyone else get similar or different results?

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