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    Getting to know your Oem fuel pressure regulator

    Most folks know about the 2 sock filters on the fuel pump, how nasty they can get, and their coresponding replacement part numbers that you can get at your local auto parts store on the cheap, but I'm not sure I've seen anyone post about replacing the 3rd filter.... the one after the fuel pump Click image for larger version. 

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    Many folks don't know that our 4tec skis use a combination fuel filter and fuel pressure regulator. It is located on the top of the fuel pump module. It contains a diaphragm, calibrated springs and a
    fuel return valve. The internal fuel filter is also part of the assembly Click image for larger version. 

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    The pressure regulator is a mechanical device that is calibrated to maintain fuel system operating pressure of approximately 400 kPa ±34 kPa (58 psi ±5 psi.) at the fuel injectors. Fuel is supplied to the filter/regulator by the electric
    fuel pump through an opening tube at the bottom of filter/regulator. The fuel pump module contains a check valve to maintain some fuel pressure when the engine is not operating. This will help to start the engine. If fuel pressure at the pressure regulator exceeds
    approximately 58 psi, an internal diaphragm closes and excess fuel pressure is routed back into the tank through the pressure regulator.
    Now you say, where do I get one of these filter/ regulators as when I look it up, they only list it as part of the whole fuel pump module big $$$.
    Well, There may be other replacements out there, and hopefully someone knows of one... but
    The replacement reg/filter I have found is used in the Gen 1 dodge neon's (early 2k's) it has a couple extra tabs welded on it but they don't interfere. Click image for larger version. 

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    Local auto part stores want like $100+ but they can be bought online for around $30.

    When removing regulator first safely release the fuel pressure, remove the metal retaining band/strap across the top and disconnect the fuel line connector.
    You may have to slightly pry the reg but it will pop out, try not to get gas everywhere. On the very bottom of the reg there should be a small fat o ring...if it's not, it is still down in the module and will need to be picked out before the replacement is installed.
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    only applies to pre bosch fuel rails.

    Good info though.

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    Pre Bosch means 2007 and older, BRP changed the fuel pump design in 08 and later. Should be Pretty obvious once you look at your gas tank...
    If any confusion this replacement filter/reg works on pn#27060056 fuel pump module. The later ones that don't use this filter/reg is the year 2008+ pn# is 270600101 for those fuel pumps. Also some of the earlier fuel pump modules use a lower psi reg that is like 44psi, the part number for that fuel pump is 270600087
    Just trying to clarify to avoid any confusion, Thanks for the catch Vtech!
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    I know this is a pretty old thread but I've been searching a ton of forums/threads for info and a place to buy this regulator/filter but haven't come across any helpful links so here is the link to one I FINALLY found at Quantum Fuel Systems:

    I have a 2007 Sea-Doo GTX but I believe this fits a lot of different Sea-Doo models. Hope this helps!

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